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​To ensure a stress-free move, let us pack for you.  All you need to do is schedule a date.  We have packed thousands of homes over the course of 10+ years, so we can do in one day what might take you several weeks.

However, we realize that professional packing services are not in everyone's budget.  If you plan to pack yourself, please read below.


Don't leave it to last minute.  Start packing as soon as possible.

Most people who pack themselves are bleary-eyed, sleep-deprived and stressed-out because they're far from being ready when we arrive. We're happy to help you finish packing up, but that will add time onto your move and increase your costs.  To make sure your move is completed as efficiently as possible, start the packing process as soon as you can.


You'll be much more relaxed on the day of the move if you can spend the night before watching a movie with your kids, enjoying a beer or a glass of wine - whatever your poison, than if you stay up all night frantically dumping everything into boxes.

Use cardboard boxes

There are companies that rent reusable plastic totes for moving.  These are a great green idea, and they are fine if you live in a building with a large elevator or no stairs.  However, if they need to be carried up and down stairs, they are extremely cumbersome and hard to maneuver through doorways, especially if they're full of books or records.  They also offer no shock absorption for fragile items.  We strongly recommend using cardboard boxes.


Tape your boxes

Don't just fold the corners of the boxes.  They will collapse and spill their contents all over your floor or stairs.  Make sure your boxes are taped top and bottom.


Label your boxes

Mark each box with the name of the room you want it to be placed in at your destination.  You should also include handling instructions, such as "Fragile" or "Keep Upright." By default, we treat all boxes like they're fragile but there's no harm in pointing out that a box has china or stemware in it.

Don't make your boxes too heavy.  Use appropriately-sized moving boxes.

Try to avoid packing boxes heavier than 50 lbs. Heavier items, such as books, records, files, etc, should be packed in small boxes / book boxes. The recommended size is 1.5 cubic feet. We'll stack three of these, and carry them up and down stairs all day.

Use larger boxes for folded clothes, bedding, etc.


Make sure each box is full

Every box should be packed to the top so they can be stacked easily on the truck. When you are done packing a box, press down on it and make sure it does not give way. If the box is not full, label it clearly with the words "TOP LOAD ONLY."  Obviously not every box can be packed on top of the load, so try to keep these to a minimum.


Have plenty of supplies

When it comes to packing, its always better to have too many materials than not enough.  We can supply you with packing materials.  There is no additional charge for delivery and we'll buy back what you haven't used on move day.

Feel free to source your own materials, but make sure you have enough for your last day of packing.

Keep soft household items on hand

Don't pack all your cushions and bedding in one large box. You can often use them to fill space in a box or as padding for delicate items such as statues or lamps.


Fragile items

Make sure you wrap fragile items.  We recommend using packing paper over bubble wrap, as it is far quicker to work with.

Use plenty of padding on the bottom and top of each box.  We recommend scrunching up about 6 - 10 sheets of packing paper for the top and bottom of each box. 

Pack plates standing on their edge, not flat like they'd sit on a table.


Pack stemware in its own box(\(\(es), with the glasses standing up like they would on a table.

Make sure the box is full and nothing can move around.  Use paper or soft stuff like kitchen towel, tea towels, oven mitts, etc. to fill any holes.

A good test to make sure your fragile boxes are packed correctly is to give it a bit of a shake after you tape it up.  If you feel items moving around or hear any clanking sounds, your fragile items are not packed safely and may not survive the trip.


Ask Us

If you're not sure how to pack something, send us an email or give us a call.  We'll be happy to give you advice.


Get Some Rest

If you've got everything packed up and you've got a couple of days to spare, you're definitely in the minority.  Don't stay up all night before your move day trying to get everything done.  Call us the day before and let us know you might need some help.  We'll be sure to bring the manpower and the necessary materials.


Don’t Panic!

We are used to walking into people’s houses and finding them in various states of preparedness.  No matter what, we will get you moved.  If you think you might not be fully ready, give us as much notice as possible so we come with the necessary materials.  If you have a larger move, we may be able to come over late the day before your move to help you finish up and make sure your move can be completed on schedule.

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