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Please CLICK HERE to fill out our Estimates Form.  We will get back to you as soon as we can (usually within the day).


Please refer to the following guidelines: 

Be completely honest.  A lot of people have more stuff than they'd like to admit to themselves. 

We can give you a general idea how long a move can take, but the amount of time it takes to move any given apartment or house is different depending on access (lots of steps, on a steep hill, elevator issues, etc.) and your level of preparedness.   All local movers charge for actual time worked, regardless of what is quoted over the phone.  

Provide as much information as possible.  You don't need to know the measurements of every furniture you own, but do let us know if you had problems moving something in, or if you expect a problem moving something into your new place. 

​Be sure to mention anything that could add time onto your move at both the load and unload.  For example:

Packing:  Let us know if you want us to pack for you or if you plan to pack yourself (check out our packing tips).  We’re happy to provide quotes with and without packing.


Stairs:   A standard flight of stairs is anything from 8- 12 steps. Ideally, give us an approximate count of the number of steps at each location or at least let us know how many flights you have.  Be sure to include outside stairs and use the 8- 12 steps as a rough guide. A Victorian flight of 60 steps is considered 5 flights of stairs.


Tight turns:  Maneuvering large furniture around tight turns can add time on, especially if you live on the 6th floor and your 8ft couch and 400lb armoire won’t fit in the elevator.


Elevators:  Elevators can actually add time onto a move. It can be quicker to move everything up 20-30 steps than to load everything onto dollies, push them into an elevator, roll it into your apartment, and unload the dollies.  Let us know if your elevator is large and modern, or small and bird cage style. This can make a big difference.


Long Walks:  How long is the walk from your apartment to the elevator? How long is the walk from the elevator to the curb or loading dock?  Are there steps anywhere in the lobby if you have an elevator?

Provide us with an inventory of what needs to be moved:  Tell us what you have. We need a list of all your furniture. If you are packing yourself, how many boxes do you think you will have. A rough ballpark is fine. You can always update later.


On-site estimates:  For larger moves, get a ballpark quote from us first.  It is generally necessary to schedule a free on-site estimate for moves larger than a one bedroom apartment, especially if you are considering packing services.


Elevator/ Loading Dock Reservations:  Many buildings in the Bay Area require you to reserve elevator times and loading dock space in advance of your move. Be sure to do this as early as possible, especially if you need to reserve a time at both locations.


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